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Cash In On Cashews

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Ever since I began sharing my cooking with the public at my restaurant, Stuff I Eatin Inglewood, Ca, (hint, hint)… there has been an overwhelming response from my customers for me to share my recipes.  I decided to start with a dessert recipe book, Crave Series… Cash-in-on Cashews, because 9 out of 10 people absolutely love sweets.

The downside is, sugar is addicting, hard on the pancreas, and full of empty calories, a recipe for disaster.  The exciting thing about the Crave Series is that every dessert is nutritious with all of its enzymes left intact. Desserts are not meant to overindulge, hence their name-dessert.

Come explore the world of cashews with me. This nut is one of the most versatile nuts that I have explored in the kitchen and I am partial to its delicate and sweet taste.  This first dessert recipe book in the Crave Series will delight the taste buds of those with a sweet tooth by providing guiltless, mouth-watering recipes and variations all made from one nut…Me!  No, really… The Cashew.


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